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GME TX3500SVP 80 Channel UHF CB Radio + 6.6dBi Antenna

GME TX3500SVP  80 Channel UHF CB Radio + 6.6dBi  Antenna
GME TX3500SVP 80 Channel UHF CB Radio + 6.6dBi Antenna
  • Brand: GME
  • Product Code: TX3500SVP
  • SKU: TX3500SVP

Synonymous with quality and reliability, the GME TX3500S is one of the most advanced 5 Watt UHF CB radios of its kind.

Equipped with GME's newest digital scanning technology - ScanSuite and an impressive feature list that includes Digital Signal Processing, Advanced Signal Management, Dynamic Volume Control and 19 extra receive channels.

With CTCSS and DCS this radio ensures more privacy and less interruption. The compact size and unique slide-in mounting cradle make installation simple and GME's intuitive user interface and controls ensure all of GME's technology is easy to use and optimises performance across the 80 channels. To help you kick off GME's new UHF Fixed Mount Radio this kit also comes with 2x antennas and mounting brackets to get you on the road and communicating in no time.

  • ScanSuite
  • Advanced signal management
  • Digital signal processing
  • Dynamic Volume Control
  • Wide/narrowband receive filters
  • Full spectrum backlighting
  • Open and group scan mode
  • Selectable priority channel
  • Active channel transmit in scan
  • Graphic signal strength meter
  • Adjustable squelch control
  • External speaker socket
  • Die-cast chassis
  • 5 year warranty


The value pack includes?

  • TX3500S radio unit
  • Rugged Microphone
  • AE4018K2 6.6 dBi gain antenna kit with stainless steel spring
  • AE4002 2.1 dBi unity gain replacement antenna whip
  • MB407SS universal Z bonnet/boot antenna mount
  • MB024SS universal bull bar antenna mount
  • Microphone Clip
  • Screw Pack
  • DC Lead
  • Mounting Cradle

The GME TX3500SVP Value pack comes with some of GME's advanced features including Advanced Signal Management, Sound Path Speaker Mic, Clear Sound Digital Processing, and GME Full Spectrum Backlighting to name a few.

Dynamic Volume Control - Modulation levels of signals can vary considerably resulting in noticeable differences in received volume between channels. With the introduction of 80-channel narrowband transmissions, the disparity in audio volume will increase further. GME's DVC automatically compensates for variations in received audio level. When activated, this feature provides a constant audio output level greatly enhancing the quality of reception and the simplicity of use.

Clear Sound Digital Signal Processing - Measures, filters and compresses standard analog radio signals and converts them to a digital format. GME's DSP eliminates much of the conventional processing and time-consuming manual alignment, resulting in enhanced audio quality and a constant performance over the full 80 channels.

Full Spectrum Backlighting - User adjustable, totally customisable backlight settings provide smooth blending of brightness, colour, and saturation to match the vehicle's dashboard lighting or to suit the driver's preference.

ScanSuite - With ScanSuite enabled you can now have continuous uninterrupted conversations no matter where you are.

  • TurboScan - At more than 40 channels per second, TurboScan enables the radio to scan all 80 channels in under 2 seconds and is the backbone to the ScanSuite scanning technology.
  • NetworkScan - NetworkScan allows radios that share the same CTCSS or DCS tone to have uninterrupted communication by dynamically switching to unused channels.
  • AutoSkip - When scanning in open or group scan the radio may continuously stop on nuisance channels. These channels may be temporarily skipped or easily removed from the scan cycle without deleting from scan memory.

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