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NAUTITALK Bosun DUAL pack Marine headset

NAUTITALK Bosun DUAL pack Marine headset
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NAUTITALK Bosun DUAL pack Marine headset
  • Brand: Sena
  • Product Code: NTT-BOS-01D
  • Shipping Cost: $15.00

NOTE- This model is not compatible to intercom with the Expand-10 or Expand-02

The Nautitalk headset is equipped with Mesh Intercom technology that allows for easy group communication when you need it most. With just a touch of a button, you can link multiple Nautitalk headsets for open communication.


Designed specifically for the unique challenges of maritime communication, Nautitalk ensures you have a reliable connection even in the most remote sailing destinations. Whether you're cruising along the coast or crossing vast oceans, you can trust our technology to keep you connected.


When using Nautitalk you can communicate hands-free with other Nautitalk users up to 0.2 nautical miles (370m) away, or up to 0.8 nautical miles (1.6km) away with 6 or more users. Nautitalk features Multi-Channel Open Mesh Mode, which supports 9 channels letting users switch between different groups on different frequencies. Sena’s Mesh platform offers flexibility by allowing users to come in and out of range while keeping the rest of the group connected without interruption.


Nautitalk was designed with a low-profile form factor that sits comfortably over the user's ears, while still allowing for awareness of surrounding sounds. Nautitalk has rounded arms located just above the speakers, which provide a secure hold onto the head and ears. The device’s low hanging neck band allows users to also wear a hat or glasses while using the Nautitalk headset.


Sena’s Mesh Intercom communication capabilities are limitless, and Nautitalk is the perfect tool for training applications at sea. From sailor-to-captain training or communicating within a racing team, Nautitalk can maintain a stable connection for clear communication.

In addition to the built-in intercom system, Nautitalk also allows for Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. Once your smartphone is paired you can listen to music or even take a phone call. Sena’s Audio Multitasking allows users to listen to audio from a smartphone and still be able to communicate over the Mesh Intercom system without disrupting the conversation. Nautitalk is also compatible with the Sena Marine App, which allows for setting up intercom groups, adjusting device settings, and accessing the device’s Quick Start Guide on-the-go.


Clipper Around The World Yatch Race 2023-24 : Official Fleet Partner
Together with the compulsory training, each crew member receives the best equipment to cope safely and responsively with Mother Nature's most unpredictable challenges. In the 2023/2024 edition, the entire crew have been equipped with a Nautitalk Bosun communication device supplied by Sena. The Sena Bosun will support dialogue from the helm, bow and nav station and will also be used for rig checks in port.


Get on the same wavelength as your crew by connecting your devices with the Sena Marine app. Access the list of paired devices and customize the settings to experience the full features of your devices. Manage Mesh Intercom settings, download and view the User’s Guide, get updates on the latest firmware, and more.


WHAT'S INCLUDED in this Dual Pack
- NAUTITALK Bosun Main unit (NAUTITALK Bosun Ear Pad, Floating Marker Buoy BLACK)
- NAUTITALK Bosun Main unit (NAUTITALK Bosun Ear Pad, Floating Marker Buoy WHITE)
- Pouch

- Floating Marker Buoy Orange/Gray, Headband Strap

- Microphone Sponges

- USB Power & Data Cable(Magnetic type)

- 2 in1 USB Power Cable(Magnetic type))

- Softbox for dual


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