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VMS 3DX 8" On & Off Road GPS Navigator

VMS 3DX 8" On & Off Road GPS Navigator
VMS 3DX 8" On & Off Road GPS Navigator
VMS 3DX 8" On & Off Road GPS Navigator
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VMS 3DX 8" On & Off Road GPS Navigator
VMS 3DX 8" On & Off Road GPS Navigator
VMS 3DX 8" On & Off Road GPS Navigator
VMS 3DX 8" On & Off Road GPS Navigator
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VMS 3DX 8" On & Off Road GPS Navigator

Introducing the Latest in Portable 4WD GPS Technology

The VMS 3DX GPS is the ultimate tool for off-roading enthusiasts, offering a range of advanced features such as 3D vector maps with elevation profile, tracklog recording, waypoint planting, and even basic street navigation for when you need to head back to civilization. With its 8" easy-to-use touch screen and real-time 3D navigation capabilities, you can rely on this device to guide you through any terrain.

Some of the key features of this GPS include offline support with the in-built GPS, preloaded CAMPS11 Premium POIs, the ability to still display and overlay your favourite raster maps, highly accurate location services with multi-GNSS support, and even spoken turn-by-turn navigation assistance on bush tracks. Additionally, the GPS has a track log recording feature to create a breadcrumb trail of your journey, as well as an auto on/off function with your vehicle and a two-finger hold feature to instantly see the distance between two points. An optional reverse camera support is planned for a future update, and all future updates will be available for free.

A reliable GPS is crucial when traveling to remote regions, as it can mean the difference between a successful and safe trip or finding yourself in a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation. The vastness and isolation of many remote areas in Australia can pose significant challenges, and it's easy to get lost or disoriented without proper navigation equipment. With the VMS 3DX GPS, you can trust that you'll always have a navigation tool on hand to help guide you to your destination safely and efficiently.

3D Vector map with elevation profile

The new VMS explorer navigation enables you to see and feel the terrain in 3D and measure the elevation as well. Navigate your way through the road/track network and easily determine your location in relation to mountains, valleys and other topographical features. Evaluate a track’s gradient at a glance!

Better location accuracy with offline navigation

The new VMS 3DX gets you an accurate location as it has inbuilt GPS which supports multiple GNSS technologies such as GPS,AGPS,GLONASS and BEIDOU. So, you will never be stuck or lose the track of your location since there are preloaded offline maps along with the in-built GPS system that connects to multiple satellites to provide you an accurate location for your off-roading experience.

Single navigation system

The new VMS explorer navigation is a single system that takes care of both street and off-road navigation. You don’t have to worry about going to a separate mode anymore whenever you ready to go off-road.

CAMPS11 Premium POIs with Caravan park 6

The new VMS 3DX comes with preloaded CAMPS11 Premium POIs with CARAVAN PARK 6, Premium Caravan Parks – 2212 locations. 5,699 locations of free or low-cost camping sites. Includes free camping sites, Campgrounds, Caravan Parks, Hotels, Motels & dump points. So, this brings us to total of 7,911 verified locations.

Overlay and use your favourite Raster maps

The new VMS 3DX will allow you the ability to purchase and install from VMS, their broad range of Topographical and Touring maps – to be able to overlay them over the 3D terrain. (Current map sets are: Vic Topo, NSW Topo, QLD Topo, WA Topo & Westprint touring maps)

Record your Tracklogs

The new VMS 3DX enables you to keep a record of all your offroad journeys and helps you plan routes. It also gives you the ability to import or export GPX files which means you can have a backup of your tracklogs. This will enable you to plan routes or view past adventures on other devices using suitable mapping software.

Spoken Off-road Routing

The latest map software can give voice routing commands for the pre-loaded off-road trails and tracks (Provided the track is contiguous to the rest of the road network).

Reverse Camera Support

A compatible reverse camera kit (not included) will be available in an upcoming update.


  • 8" Easy to use touch screen
  • Real-time 3D (Street and Offroad navigation)
  • 3D vector maps with elevation profiles to guide you through any terrain
  • Offline support with the in-built GPS 
  • Preloaded CAMPS11 Premium POIs with Caravan Park 6
  • Still, display and overlay your favorite raster maps
  • Highly accurate location services with Mutli-GNSS support
  • Navigation assistance on bush tracks - Spoken turn by turn assistance on any track. *
  • Tracklog (breadcrumb trail) recording
  • Auto On/Off with Vehicle
  • Two-finger hold feature to instantly see distance between two points
  • Optional reverse camera support (Will be available in an upcoming update)
  • Free future updates 

Provided the track is contiguous to the rest of the road network.



Unit dimensions (W*H*D)

208*127*9.3 (in mm)

Display size

8" diagonal (20.32 cm)

Display resolution



4000mAh Cobalt (High temp resistance)


Type-C USB, microSD card and sim slot, audio jack


5-megapixel rear camera


UNISOC T618 2.0 GHz


(8 cores 2*Cortex A75 +6*Cortex A55)

Operating System

Android 10


12 months warranty on hardware

Charging port

Type-C USB


Internal memory




Expandable memory

microSD card up to 128GB





802.11 a/b/g/n/ac


4G LTE and 3G supported


Note: The 3DX is designed for offroad navigation which does not provide for advanced street routing functionality.

What's Included

  • VMS 3DX unit
  • Australia wide maps preloaded on internal memory
  • Type- C USB cable
  • 240V wall charger
  • 12V/24V 2A car charger
  • Windscreen mount and bracket

Part Number: P3DX-P001

Unit dimensions (W*H*D)208*127*9.3 (in mm)
Display size8" diagonal (20.32 cm)
Display resolution1200*800
Battery4000mAh Cobalt (High temp resistance)
ConnectionsType-C USB, microSD card and sim slot, audio jack
Camera5-megapixel rear camera
ProcessorUNISOC T618 2.0 GHz
 (8 cores 2*Cortex A75 +6*Cortex A55)
Operating SystemAndroid 10
Warranty12 months warranty on hardware
Charging portType-C USB
System memory 
Internal memory32GB
Expandable memorymicroSD card up to 128GB
Wifi802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Network4G LTE and 3G supported

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