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Aerpro APFOCBE1 Compact 5W UHF CB Kit fits Ford Ranger 12-21/Everest 15-22

Aerpro APFOCBE1 Compact 5W UHF CB Kit fits Ford Ranger 12-21/Everest 15-22
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Aerpro APFOCBE1 Compact 5W UHF CB Kit fits Ford Ranger 12-21/Everest 15-22
  • Brand: Aerpro
  • Product Code: APFOCBE1

Aerpro APFOCBE1 Compact 5W UHF CB Kit fits Ford Ranger 12-21/Everest 15-22

The Aerpro APFOCBE1 package offers a comprehensive UHF CB Radio upgrade solution that has been conveniently tailored to suit Ford Ranger PX, PX2 & PX3 (2012-2021) and Everest UA, UA II (2015-2022). The kit includes an Aerpro AP477E ultra compact UHF CB radio, a Heavy duty Aerpro CBSTHD1 UHF antenna and an Aerpro APVCBB6 bonnet mount UHF Antenna bracket. Designed specifically for the Ford Ranger (2012-2021) and Everest (2015-2022) vehicles, this package comes with all the necessary parts to easily complete the installation of a UHF radio and antenna.

Aerpro AP477E 5W Ultra Compact UHF CB Radio

The Aerpro AP477E 5W Ultra Compact UHF CB Radio is a purpose-built communication solution for vehicles traversing the vast and challenging landscapes of Australia. Whether you're navigating busy city streets, tackling rugged off-road trails, or cruising the highways, this radio ensures constant connectivity. With its powerful 5 Watt transmission, you can enjoy an extended reach and crystal-clear signal quality. It provides access to 80 channels for effective communication in diverse situations, with CTCSS & DCS codes for privacy and reduced interference, along with duplex mode for extended coverage in remote areas. The radio offers convenient features like channel scanning, automatic squelch control, volume adjustment, and personalised call tones.

The radio's ultra-compact design seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's interior, and its robust aluminium die-cast chassis ensures durability in tough conditions. It's compatible with both 12V and 24V systems, making it suitable for various vehicles, including cars, utes, 4WDs, trucks, vans, and motorhomes. The white backlit display ensures effortless operation in low-light conditions, and it even allows you to mute your car stereo for uninterrupted communication. The Aerpro AP477E is more than just a radio; it's your reliable companion on the road, designed to keep you connected and safe, no matter what vehicle you drive.

Elevate your driving experience with the Aerpro AP477E, where reliability and performance meet the open road.

Aerpro CBSTHD1 3dBi 477MHz Heavy Duty Black Radome UHF Antenna

Elevate your communication capabilities in challenging terrains with the Aerpro CBSTHD1 3dBi 477MHz Heavy Duty Black Radome UHF Antenna. Built for 4WD enthusiasts, off-road touring, and everyday driving, this antenna features a rugged construction designed to endure the harshest conditions. Its 700mm fibreglass radome mast, supported by a heavy-duty stainless steel spring base, ensures durability, and a detachable mast with a weather cap adds extra resilience.

What sets this UHF antenna apart is its ground-independent and elevated feed design, ensuring exceptional signal transmission. The package includes a 4.5-meter RG58 coaxial cable with an FME connector, simplifying installation by allowing you to pass it through your vehicle's firewall grommet. Additionally, an FME to UHF PL259 screw-on adaptor is provided, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience. The Aerpro CBSTHD1 is engineered to withstand the rugged Australian outback and is compatible with all major brands of UHF CB Radios in Australia and New Zealand, making it a versatile and reliable choice for both off-road and everyday use. Upgrade your vehicle's communication capabilities with this robust and dependable UHF antenna.

Aerpro APVCBB6 Bonnet Mount UHF Antenna Bracket

The Aerpro APVCBB6 Bonnet Mount UHF Antenna Bracket has been designed to seamlessly fit Ford Ranger (2012-2021) and Everest (2015-2022) vehicles. Our vehicle specific design ensures a hassle-free DIY installation by utilising existing mounting points on the passenger side bonnet hinge, eliminating the need for complex modifications. You can rest assured that this bracket won't obstruct the operation of your bonnet or interfere with your window wipers, maintaining the integrity of your vehicle's functionality.

Engineered with precision, this bracket is constructed from a single piece of press-bent 4mm steel, fortified with a matte black powder-coated finish. Not only does this provide exceptional durability, but it also offers a discreet and aesthetically pleasing mounting solution suitable for both standard and heavy-duty applications. It has an 18mm opening for the antenna to mount, making it suitable for use with all brands of UHF CB Antennas, and a cable slot that allows the antenna to be installed or removed easily.

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