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Aerpro APH02R 2W UHF CB Radio Twin Pack

Aerpro APH02R 2W UHF CB Radio Twin Pack
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Aerpro APH02R 2W UHF CB Radio Twin Pack
  • Brand: Aerpro
  • Product Code: APH02R
  • Shipping Cost: $9.95

Aerpro APH02R 2W Handheld UHF CB Radio Twin Pack Rechargeable

Your ultimate communication companion for a wide range of situations! Whether you're supervising kids in the backyard, coordinating with fellow campers on an adventure, or maintaining the right course within a convoy, these compact UHF radios are your go-to solution.

These compact UHFs come equipped with a range of valuable features including rechargeable batteries. They boast a 2W transmission power, 80 channels, a duplex range extender, 38 CTCSS / 83 DCS interference eliminator codes, automatic squelch control, VOX hands-free capability and a call tone alert. Plus, they include a built-in super-bright flashlight and a white backlit display to enhance night-time visibility.

Carrying these compact radios is effortless and the included belt clip ensures you can securely attach them to your clothing or belt, keeping them easily accessible at all times. Powered by rechargeable batteries, easily charge the radios via the dual docking station, or the direct USB input with the included USB power adaptor. They also feature a low battery alert and a power-saving mode to maximise battery life.

Elevate your communication capabilities with the Aerpro APH02R 2W Handheld UHF CB Radio Twin Pack Rechargeable - delivering convenience, reliability and versatility in every situation.

  • 2 Watt transmission power
  • 80 Channels
  • CTCSS & DCS codes
  • Range extender (duplex mode)
  • Channel scan
  • Automatic squelch control
  • Volume control
  • VOX hands-free capable
  • Call tone alter
  • White backlit display
  • Built-in LED flash light
  • Button lock
  • Belt clip
  • Power saving mode
  • USB & charging dock
  • Rechargeable batteries included
  • Transmission Power: 2 Watt
  • Channels: 80
  • CTCSS / DCS: 38 CTCSS / 83 DCS Codes
  • Duplex Mode: Yes
  • Channel Scan: Yes
  • Squelch Control: Yes
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • VOX Hands-Free Capable: Yes
  • Call Tone Alter: Yes
  • Button Lock: Yes
  • Backlit Display: White
  • Flash Light: Yes, White LED Built-In
  • Belt Clip: Yes
  • Power Saving Mode: Yes
  • Low Battery Alert: Yes
  • Battery Operated: Yes, 1300mAh Lithium Batteries included.
  • Rechargeable: Yes, Via Dual Docking Station or Direct USB Input


  • Inclusions:
    • 2x UHF CB radios
    • 2x Belt clips
    • 2x 1300mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
    • 2x USB Cables
    • 1x Dual Charging Dock
    • 1x AC Power USB Adaptor

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