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RFI HPM-RM-156165 VHF Roof Mount 156 - 165 MHz

RFI HPM-RM-156165 VHF Roof Mount  156 - 165 MHz
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RFI HPM-RM-156165 VHF Roof Mount 156 - 165 MHz
  • Brand: RFI
  • Product Code: HPM-RM-156165
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  • SKU: HPM-RM-156165

RFI HPM-RM-156165 VHF Roof Mount  156 - 165 MHz

The HPM-RM Series is a range of flexible, helically loaded electrical 1/4 wave antennas for applications where height restrictions prohibit the use of standard quarter wave antenna.

Fitted to a standard MB9 antenna base, the HPM-RM Series is less than 440mm tall. The lower section of the antenna is a moulded former while the upper section is a helically wound stainless steel section providing a flexible antenna suitable for height restricted areas. The antenna is ideal in mining applications because of this flexibility.

The antenna is supply factory tuned to cover 156 to 165 MHz at a VSWR of less than 1.5:1.

Maximum Power:25 watts
Band156 - 165 MHz
Tunable Bandwidth<1.5:1
Nominal Gain dBq-3
TuningFull Band
Power W25
Cable and ConnectorNot included, order separately
Whip MaterialABS, brass and stainless steel
Suggested InstallationRoof
Whip Length mm360mm
MountingMB9 antenna base

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